Man Singing

Wednesday nights at Casa de Armed Liberal are “boy’s nights.” Tonight Littlest Guy and I are finishing the DVD of ‘Into The Woods,’ one of my favorite Sondheim musicals. He & his brothers have enjoyed Sondheim since they were small children; Biggest Guy called my tape of ‘Sunday In The Park With George’ “man singing,” and it was one of his favorites.

Tonight, we’re watching the moving finale, and as the cast moves into the climactic “You Are Not Alone,” 9-year old LG says “You know, I think this is going to make me cry. I’ve never watched something that made me cry before.”

That made me misty.

2 thoughts on “Man Singing”

  1. Thanks for that, AL. Into the woods is my favorite musical too. And for a guy who cries at nothing, it made me misty eyed too. That Sondheim created something special there. We got it on DVD for Christmas this year.

  2. When they’re ready for the scary stuff, put on “Sweeney Todd”. You gotta love any musical that has a guy singing to his razor…

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